DARADara Adewole is a worshipper who sings from her heart.  Her love for God and her expression of this love through music has shaped her outlook in all her life’s experiences.  Her new album “Colors of my heart” is her first solo album.  It speaks of a fun, merciful, loving God who desires to touch, help, fight for and comfort us, if we just give Him the space in our hearts to do so.  Although Dara has been featured on several albums and has been a minister of music for over 20 years, in 2013, she decided that it was time for her to share God’s gift in her with the world.  Dara has been singing all her life (started when she was 4).  She is inspired by the power of music which allows one to express themselves in happier times and is able to bring one out of the darkest lowest days.

Dara has shared the stage with the likes of Wale Adenuga, Graham Kendrick and Lionel Petersen to mention a few.  “Colors Of My Heart” will take you on life’s journey; the laughter, tears, ups and downs with the understanding that though life is tough, a life with God is absolutely fulfilling.